USB Drives

This is a USB drive pre-loaded with the Walkin' On Water album.

Music is in MP3 format and can be played from a computer or USB port in a car. This drive comes with extras, including cover art, chord chards, and credits.

1. Walkin' On Water

2. God's Got You

3. The Moment I'm In

4. When Your Love Came Down

5. We Are Dew

6. Step It Up

7. Light Up The World

8. Pain Of The Fire

9. Just Be

10. All Your Ways Are Higher

11. Rise Up (Lazarus) (cover song)

All lyrics written by Yvonne Hartman except where noted:

All Your Ways Are Higher: co-written by Tim Timmons, Collin Johnson, and Kelly Vierling

Just Be: co-written by Ty Hunter and Mike Medved

Step It Up: co-written by Josh Fata

The Moment I'm In: co-written by JesseJ