ReMade CD

This album was released in 2015. Produced, mixed, and mastered, all instruments except acoustic guitar by Kevin McNoldy of CPhonic Studios. Guitar and lead vocals by Yvonne Hartman. CD photo credit Kim Sweimler.

1. Feelin' Free

2. I Need You

3. Step Into The Light

4. More Like Him

5. I Give Myself To God

6. Not Ashamed

7. Not Of This World

8. Faith Like A Child (remix)

9. Well Done (remix)

10. The Road Not Taken (remix)

11. Here I Am, Send Me (remix)

12. Revival (remix)

All lyrics written by Yvonne Hartman. All music by Yvonne Hartman & Steve Myers.

Background vocals by Kevin McNoldy and Esther Johnson.