Great Adventure Full Album CD

This album was released in 2018. Produced, mixed, and mastered, all instruments and background vocals by Kevin McNoldy of CPhonic Studios. All lead vocals by Yvonne Hartman. Front cover photo credit by Yvonne Hartman. Back Cover photo credit Linda Greene.

1. My Story Now Is Yours

2. Your Grace

3. Better Days

4. Heaven Opened Wide

5. I Walk In Your Light

6. Into The Arms Of My Savior

7. Great Adventure

8. On You

9. Never Letting Go

10. Cannot Keep It In

11. Footsteps

12. My Everything

All lyrics written by Yvonne Hartman except where noted:

My Story Now Is Yours: co-writers Bede Benjamin-Korporaal and Brian David Bell

Better Days: co-writers Collin Johnson, Roger Vennix, and Nick Schwartz

Cannot Keep It In: co-writers Matthew West, Katie Parson, Janna McVey, Malory Crawford, Kim & Mike Eaton, Valarie Fabian, and Patrice Marner.

On You: co-writers Sara Gummo and Katrina Fink

Great Adventure: co-writers Kevin Crespo and Paul Schlaybach

Into The Arms Of My Savior: written by Kevin McNoldy