This album was released in 2010 under the band name B9 Fate. B9 Fate performed as a band from 2008 - 2012, fronted by Yvonne Hartman with her kids, Jake Hartman and Sarah Hartman, and Larry Adam. The band name was dropped in 2012 and Yvonne began playing under her own name.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Simon of Viking Camel Studio. All lead vocals by Yvonne Hartman. CD art by Yvonne Hartman.

1. Take Me Away

2. Help Me See The Hunger

3. A Better Way

4. Seas Of New Faces

5. Reach Out

6. Jesus Will Carry You Home

7. Bless My Life

8. Rocks In The Wall

9. Entertaining Angels

10. Brand New Day

Yvonne Hartman - guitar & vocals
Jacob Hartman - drums
Sarah Hartman - bass

Also contributing on this CD:
Larry Adam - keyboards, lead guitar, and bass
Andrew Nissley- drums, bass
Jeremy Simon - lead guitar, bass, keys, and background vocals
Anna Simon - background vocals

All music and lyrics by Yvonne Hartman